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We can help you achieve a happier, healthier, well-balanced life


Do you feel like life is getting away from you? You might be finding it hard to juggle that work-life balance, or looking to move your career in a new direction. It can be incredibly hard in today’s fast-paced world to find the time to sort things out or get your life under control, we are here to help.



Why not treat yourself to that dream body you’ve always hoped for. You may have struggled with diets in the past, perhaps temptation has always gotten the better of you. At LNF we love food just as much as anyone, with a well structured diet and the right approach, you too can enjoy food, while losing weight.



Let our team of truly inspirational speakers take you on an emotional journey that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to take on any challenge. We can offer a public speaking service tailored to your needs, whether it be keynote, motivational or after dinner speaking engagements.

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Our Story

A passion to help others achieve the life they 've always dreamed of.

Although LNF Coaching was only formed in 2017, it has been a process that has been years in the making. We have both overcome challenges in our lives, Lora is completely blind and Neil Visually Impaired. This has given us a different perspective on many situations, and helped us both develop problem solving skills, and more importantly a desire to achieve.

This led us both down the path of dedicating our lives to full-time international sport, gaining over 20 years of experience between us. This has brought some incredible high points, world records, world championship golds, both achieving the lifelong dream of becoming Paralympic Champions, and most recently marriage.

However there have been a significant number of lows along the way, sometimes leaving us to question why we do what we do, Each time we have picked ourselves up, looked at what we've learned from the experience and come back stronger than before.

In recent years we have started to realise that many of the lessons we have learned along our journey, how to get the best out of ourselves, how to deal with perceived failures and how to live a healthy, happy life, are not known, or being implemented by the majority of people in their everyday life.

It has become our passion to share our knowledge, help others achieve a balance in their lives, and ultimately go and chase their dreams.



Founder – Lifestyle
Neil graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a degree in Physics. He represented ParalympicsGB in Beijing 2008 as a runner before switching to cycling where he became a 10 x World Champion, 2 x Commonwealth Champion and a Paralympic Champion. He also holds 2 world records.

Lora Fachie MBE

Founder – Nutrition
Lora graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Physiotherapy before joining British Cycling. She is a 2 x World Champion and reigning Paralympic Champion in the 3km Pursuit.

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